Breast intervention workshops at BGICC 2023

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Published: 6 Feb 2023
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Prof Merit El Maadawy - Mansoura University School of Medicine, Mansoura, Egypt

Prof Merit El Maadawy gives a summary of the breast intervention workshops at BGICC 2023. 

She discusses talks upon enhanced mammography and explains a workshop in which radiologists were able to examine mammograms before and after artificial intelligence that was demonstrated the BGICC.

In our programme, the radiology course, we had talks about advances like tomosynthesis which is a 3D mammogram, also the contrast-enhanced mammography. We had one of the pioneers of contrast-enhanced mammography, Dr Rasha Kamal; she shared with us a lot of her experience. Also, we had a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence in mammograms which is Dr Sahar Mansour; she also had great talks about artificial intelligence. She also had a workshop where radiologists were able to go to a workstation and examine some of the mammogram exams before artificial intelligence aid and with artificial intelligence aid. 

We also ensured that the programme had also the advanced system and also the basics for the younger radiologists. We had two workshops, a biopsy intervention for hands-on, like doing hands-on training for different intervention procedures that are used in the breast imaging field. There was a rising star competition where we encouraged young radiologists to submit some of the interesting cases they had. We had six competitors where they displayed six cases and the judges were our international speakers where they chose the best case.