Differential diagnosis of lesions with radiation structure

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Published: 2 Feb 2023
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Prof Laszlo Tabar - Falun Central Hospital, Falun, Sweden

Prof Laszlo Tabar speaks to ecancer about the differential diagnosis of lesions with radiation structure. 

He expresses the difficulties of diagnosing lesions with mammograms, in particular circular lesions which make up 20% of cancers.

I’m always very thankful for the organisers of the meeting who invite me and it happened now year after year. It gives me great pleasure to share our many decades’ experience with the diagnosis of benign and malignant breast lesions.

This year I chose a very tricky, very deceptive group of breast diseases we can call borderline cases. There are so many very well-trained radiologists who take care of women with mammograms and they have no problem with the clear-cut cancer, they have not too much problem with variations of the normal mammogram but, just like in any other part of life, there are these borderline cases. Should I think about cancer? I cannot ignore it. I don’t want to overdo it. I don’t want to underdiagnose it and so on. So this was my aim.

There are, unfortunately, too many such lesions in the breast where the structure changes, that is the ducts develop new ducts, just like cancer does, but in the radial scar it’s an entirely benign lesion. On the mammogram it is quite the challenge for a radiologist. Or a circular lesion – 20% of the cancers are circular lesions, like a little spherical cannonball. But there are so many circular benign lesions, like the cysts, the papillomas, the fibroadenomas and so on. 

So that was my aim and I just hope that the lectures help the colleagues to better take care of these cases whenever they meet them.