Evidence-based approach to lymph node assessment and targeted axillary dissection

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Published: 1 Feb 2023
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Prof Jessica Leung - MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA

Prof Jessica Leung speaks to ecancer about the evidence-based approach to lymph node assessment and targeted axillary dissection.

Breast cancer metastasises via the lymphatics system which is why studying the lymph nodes is essential for breast cancer imaging and care.

She mentions that one topic of interest is differentiating abnormal lymph nodes that are cancerous compared to those that are abnormal due to the covid-19 vaccine. She explains how these two can be differentiated from each other.

Prof Leung then talks about targeted axillary dissection which helps look at the lymph nodes to get enough information that can help in the treatment of breast cancer without causing any complications from axillary surgery.

She concludes by discussing the benign use of MRI technology in detecting tumours that are not cancer.