Indications of radiotherapy after mastectomy

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Published: 31 Jan 2023
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Prof Maia Dzhugashvili - GenesisCare, Spain

Prof Maia Dzhugashvili speaks to ecancer about her talk on indications of radiotherapy after mastectomy at the BGICC 2023. 

She discusses the importance of personalising treatments for each patient to achieve the best outcome.

I feel very honoured to be invited in this congress which is BGICC. This is the largest oncological congress in the Middle East and African region. My talk at this congress is about radiation therapy after mastectomy in breast cancer patients.

So, it exists a popular opinion that after mastectomy, surgical treatment that is a very huge surgical process, it’s not mandatory to give radiotherapy after total removal of the breast tissue. But it’s not absolutely true because there exist many indications for radiotherapy, adjuvant radiotherapy, which we give after the mastectomy. For example, in patients even with one metastatic axillary lymph node we give radiotherapy and radiotherapy significantly decreases the incidence of relapse in the chest wall, also in the primary site area and supraclavicular lymph node area. Also in high risk patients with breast cancer, even not metastatically involved lymph nodes, we give radiotherapy; it also demonstrated a decreased incidence of relapse.

I consider it’s not all my opinion, I think it’s the opinion of all oncologists that multidisciplinary team discussion, that is a tumour board, is absolutely important to take the right way of personalised treatment for each cancer patient with what we have to do. Because we discuss each patient and we discuss all the risks and all the possibilities to give the best treatment.