Preventive oncology nutrition for healthy carriers and BRCA1/2 + breast cancer patients

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Published: 23 Feb 2022
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Dr Diana Artene - American Society for Nutrition, Bucharest, Romania

Dr Diana Artene speaks to ecancer about preventive oncology nutrition for healthy carriers and BRCA1/2 + breast cancer patients.

Initially, she gives a background to her talk saying that BRCA1/2 carriers have a lifetime risk for getting breast, ovary, pancreatic cancer or prostate cancer.

Dietary supplements, not eating meat or overloading fruits and vegetables does not prevent cancer.

She mentions that some studies have shown that taking dietary supplements can cause cancer. Moderate eating of all food groups is considered healthy.

She says that the statement no sugar no cancer is not true as there are many other cancer progression pathways that can cause cancer even without sugar intake.

Obesity and alcohol are the main causes of cancer in postmenopausal women. Smoking also adversely affects health.

Dr Artene concludes by saying regular exercise is highly effective in coping with stress and decreases risk of cancer and proper guidance should be taken by nutritionists and psychiatrists when trying to prevent cancer.