Quality of life and patient perspectives in renal cell carcinoma

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Published: 6 Dec 2021
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Prof Steven Hildemann, Dr Rachel Giles and Prof Gunhild von Amsberg

Prof Steven Hildemann (EVP and Chief Medical Officer, Patient Safety and Patient Affairs), Dr Rachel Giles (Board Chair, International Kidney Cancer Coalition) and Prof Gunhild von Amsberg (Uro-Oncologist at University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf Clinic for Oncology) discuss the quality of life and patient perspectives in RCC.

Prof Hildemann explains the background of this expert panel discussion, emphasising patient perspectives, needs and experiences and the importance of balancing efficacy and safety with quality of life for improved outcomes. Dr Giles moves on to talk about the burden and impact of renal cell carcinoma on patients before Prof von Amsberg discusses some of her patient experiences in the clinic. Prof Hildemann then mentions striking the right balance between efficacy and QoL.

They conclude by discussing PROs and their benefits in the clinic and clinical trials, further research and validation around QoL measurements and strategic partnerships in fostering solutions.

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