Breast cancer treatment and ABC global alliance communication skills training workshop

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Published: 15 Nov 2021
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Dr Fatima Cardoso - Champalimaud Clinical Center in Lisbon, Portugal

Dr Fatima Cardoso speaks to ecancer about breast cancer treatment and ABC global alliance communication skills training. She initially explains what is triple-negative breast cancer and talks about its histology and subtypes.

Dr Cardoso says that within ductal breast cancer histology there is heterogeneity. What we need are good quality evaluation diagnostic tools for ER, PR and PDL1breast cancers. She explains that for the management of early triple-negative breast cancer chemotherapy is the way to go.

Anthracyclins and taxanes are used for standard therapy. Platinum-based drugs are used for advanced cases.

For management of triple-breast cancer chemotherapy and single-agent used sequentially is advisable. Dr Cardos mentions that there is no benefit in combined therapy and oral therapy is preferred.

Dr Cardoso then discusses targeted therapy for breast cancer but notes that all of them are highly costly, so a more cost-effective treatment is required for low-middle income countries.

Dr Cardos also discusses ABC global alliance's communication skills workshop. She mentions that the workshop at AORTIC addressed how to approach communications in an advanced breast cancer setting.

There were discussions about palliative care and end of life care whilst respecting social and cultural values. She concludes by inviting her audience to visit the ABC website where resources about breast cancer can be obtained.

Visit the website here.