Workshop diagnostics procedures in ALL

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Published: 10 Nov 2021
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Prof Robin Foà - Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

Prof Robin Foà talks to ecancer ahead of his talk at the ALL Assembly 2021.

He begins by explaining that through modern day diagnostic approaches we can identify lineage affiliation of all cases of ALL. Through diagnostic workup we've learned to identify sub-groups of ALL, such as Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL (Ph+ ALL), particularly in adults.

Prof Foà then goes on to talk about CAR T-cells and how they've opened up a new window of opportunity in ALL and immuno-therapeutic strategies that have and are becoming a reality in the treatment of ALL.

He concludes by talking about study groups and networks, touching on the laboratory testing process in Rome and acknowledges that these testing conditions are not available in every country, especially where there are limited accessibility to not only drugs, but technology as well.


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