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Changing the World for children with Cancer

28 Feb 2024
Guest Editor: Tezer Kutluk

This Special Issue is dedicated to pediatric oncology in resource-limited settings, encompassing various facets of pediatric oncology, ranging from an analysis of childhood cancer in a middle-income country to the financial dimensions of pediatric cancer care in a low-income country. One paper highlights the current situation of childhood cancer in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Additionally, the esteemed organisation SIOP has offered valuable perspectives on the advancements in childhood cancer care, encapsulating their global impact.

Pediatric oncology survival rates have soared to over 80% in high-income countries, whilst are as low as 10-20% in certain low and middle-income regions.  The accessibility to cutting-edge diagnostics and contemporary therapies across much of the world remains a significant barrier to equitable cancer care in pediatric oncology.

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Special Issue Articles

Julia Challinor, Alan Davidson, Guillermo Chantada, Rejin Kebudi, Kathy Pritchard-Jones
Ranin Soliman, Nancy Bolous, Carl Heneghan, Jason Oke, Anne-Marie Boylan, Wael Eweida, Sherif Abouelnaga, Alaa Elhaddad
Nancy S Bolous, Peter Mercredi, Miguel Bonilla, Paola Friedrich, Nickhill Bhakta, Monika L Metzger, Pascale Y Gassant