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Gynaecological cancers in the era of fertility preservation: old problems, novel approaches

6 May 2020
Guest Editor: Valentina Lucia La Rosa

This Special Issue offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary overview of the fertility-sparing surgical techniques, oocytes and ovarian tissue conservation and preservation of reproductive function in women of child-bearing age undergoing treatment for a range of gynaecological cancers.

Space has also been given to the discussion of the psychological implications of gynaecological cancer with particular reference to the impact of fertility preservation counselling and fertility preservation techniques on the quality of life of patients

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Watch Dr Fedro Peccatori discuss the topics included in this special issue.

Special Issue Articles

Valentina Lucia La Rosa, Simone Garzon, Giuseppe Gullo, Michele Fichera, Giovanni Sisti, Pasquale Gallo, Gaetano Riemma, Antonio Schiattarella
Suleiman Ghunaim, Ghina Ghazeeri, Dalia Khalife, Hatem A Azim Jr
Barbara Buonomo, Roberto Orecchia, Federica Tomao, Lino Del Pup, Alex Garcia-Faura, Fedro A Peccatori
Mattia Maramai, Fabio Barra, Mario Valenzano Menada, Sara Stigliani, Melita Moioli, Sergio Costantini, Simone Ferrero
Milan Terzic, Melanie Norton, Sanja Terzic, Gauri Bapayeva, Gulzhanat Aimagambetova