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Locally advanced breast cancer in Latin America

22 Jan 2019
Guest Editors: Henry Gomez and Fernando Valencia

This special issue aims to update the scientific community on the latest strategies to combat locally advanced breast cancer in Latin America.

Breast cancer has the highest incidence and mortality of all cancers in Latin America, and the rate is continuing to rise.  There are varying levels of access to treatment including conservative surgery, radiotherapy or high cost systemic therapy between countries as well as between different regions within the same country. 

The cultural, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic diversity within the Latin American population directly affects access to screening and treatment.  The six articles within this issue explore topics ranging from precision medicine to the barriers caused by the high cost of drugs, highlighting the difficulties and opportunities facing the treatment of locally advanced breast cancer in Latin America.

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Watch Guest Editor Henry Gomez discuss the various articles in the special issue.

Special Issue Articles

Joseph A Pinto, Luis Pinillos, Cynthia Villarreal-Garza, Zaida Morante, Manuel V Villarán, Gerson Mejía, Christian Caglevic, Alfredo Aguilar, Williams Fajardo, Franz Usuga, Marcia Carrasco, Pamela Rebaza, Ana M Posada, Indira Tirado-Hurtado, Claudio Flores, Carlos S Vallejos
Joseph A Pinto, César H Saravia, Claudio Flores, Jhajaira Araujo, David Martínez, Luis J Schwarz, Alberto Casas, Leny Bravo, Jenny Zavaleta, Brigitte Chuima, Hober Alvarado, Ricardo Fujita, Henry L Gómez
Cynthia Villarreal-Garza, Edna A Lopez-Martinez, Jose Felipe Muñoz-Lozano, Karla Unger-Saldaña
Christian Caglevic, Jaime Anabalón, Cristian Soza, Elizabeth Milla, Fancy Gaete, Ana María Carrasco, Sergio Panay, Carlos Gallardo, Mauricio Mahave