Case Report

Experiences and challenges in the management of pregnancy-associated breast cancer at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital: a review of four cases

10 Nov 2020
Josephine Nsaful, Verna Vanderpuye, Aba Anoa Scott, Florence Dedey, Samuel A Oppong, Rita Appiah-Danquah, Nelson Damale, Benjamin Fenu, Theodore Wordui, Joel Yarney, Joe Nat Clegg-Lamptey

Breast cancer is the commonest female cancer worldwide and the most common malignancy during pregnancy. The current management of breast cancer is based on patient and tumour characteristics, preferences and disease stage. In pregnancy-associated breast cancer, the gestational age influences treatment options. Sequencing of therapies is guided by safe imaging options, timing of delivery and prognosis. Systemic therapy options in the neoadjuvant, adjuvant and palliative settings are limited due to safety concerns of the unborn foetus. In resource-constrained regions, the application of safe options may be challenging. This paper reports four of such cases managed in Ghana using a multidisciplinary approach and local resource-appropriate evidence-based practices. Maternal and foetal outcomes were acceptable with none resulting in termination of pregnancy.

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