ecancermedicalscience is an open access cancer journal focused on under-resourced communities. In order to help reduce global inequalities in cancer care and treatment, we provide free access to all articles from the point of publication and we only charge authors who have specific funding to cover publication costs.

The journal considers articles on all aspects of research relating to cancer, including molecular biology, genetics, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical reports, controlled trials (in particular if they are independent or publicly funded trials), health systems, cancer policy and regulatory aspects of cancer care.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Eduardo Cazap, MD PhD (President SLACOM)

ISSN: 1754-6605
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Christopher KO Williams, Letitzia Foroni, Lucio Luzzatto, Idris Saliu, Arthur Levine, Mel F Greaves
Elzbieta Luczynska, Pawel Blecharz, Sonia Dyczek, Andrzej Stelmach, Giuseppe Petralia, Massimo Bellomi, Barbara Alicja Jereczek–Fossa, Jerzy Jakubowicz
Dayahindara Vietía, Juan Liuzzi, Maira Ávila, Zoraya De Guglielmo, Yrneh Prado, Maria Correnti
Juan Montoro, Lucia Mattia, Paola Bertazzoni, Sarah Liptrott, Nicola Colombo, Maurizio Civelli, Lorenzo Preda, Daniele Laszlo, Giovanni Martinelli, Niccolò Frungillo
V Acosta-Marin, V Acosta-Freites, A Contreras, R Ravelo, G Fuenmayor, C Marin, A Ramirez, M Acosta-Marin, J Perez-Fuentes, I Longobardi, H Esteves