ecancermedicalscience is an open access cancer journal focused on under-resourced communities. In order to help reduce global inequalities in cancer care and treatment, we provide free access to all articles from the point of publication and we only charge authors who have specific funding to cover publication costs.

The journal considers articles on all aspects of research relating to cancer, including molecular biology, genetics, pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical reports, controlled trials (in particular if they are independent or publicly funded trials), health systems, cancer policy and regulatory aspects of cancer care.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Enrique Soto Pérez de Celis MD, PhD, FASCO

ISSN: 1754-6605
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Daniela Lepanto, Fausto Maffini, Francesco Petrella, Marzia Colandrea, Carlo Putzu, Massimo Barberis, Giovanni Paganelli, Giuseppe Viale
Masaya Iwamuro, Yoshio Miyabe, Hanae Kai, Yoshinara Kawai, Katsuyoshi Takata, Toshi Murakami, Hirofumi Mifune, Kazuhide Yamamoto
Bruna V Ventura, Carlos Quezada, Shawn C Maloney, Bruno F Fernandes, Emilia Antecka, Claudia Martins, Silvin Bakalian, Sebastian di Cesare, Miguel N Burnier Jr
Roberta Lazzari, Agnese Cecconi, Barbara A Jereczek-Fossa, Laura Lavinia Travaini, Veronica Dell’ Acqua, Federica Cattani, Stefania Rizzo, Cristiana Fodor, Fabio Landoni, Roberto Orecchia