Case Report

Oral and maxillofacial considerations in Gardner’s syndrome: a report of two cases

24 Feb 2016
Debora Lima Pereira, Paulo Andre Carvalho, Maria Isabel Waddington Achatz, AndreCaroli Rocha, Giovana TardinTorrezan, Fabio Abreu Alves

Gardner’s syndrome (GS) is a genetic disorder characterised by intestinal polyps, multiple osteomas, and soft-tissue tumours. Dentists play an important role in the syndrome diagnosis considering that craniomaxillofacial osteomas are a major criteria for Gardner’s syndrome diagnosis. This study aimed to describe the main stomatological manifestation of GS and the importance of dentists in its diagnosis. Two patients presenting GS were evaluated. The first one had two osteomas in the mandible and GS was suspected. The colonoscopy confirmed the presence of polyposis and a prophylactic proctocolectomy was performed. The other patient had a late-stage diagnosis of GS and developed a rectum adenocarcinoma. The presence of craniomaxillofacial osteomas are a hallmark of the disease. Early-stage GS diagnosis may enable early diagnosis and preventive strategies in carriers. Other dental abnormalities, such as supernumerary teeth, hypercementosis and odontomas, can also be observed.

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