Case Report

An inflammatory pseudotumour of the larynx: a case report and literature review of an unusual tumour

11 Oct 2012
CJ Dava, JK Hajiioannou, A Terzis, J Bizakis

Background: Inflammatory pseudotumour (IPT) is a rare benign pseudoneoplastic proliferation of unknown etiology, often showing locally aggressive behaviour. Conflicting theories about exaggerated response to injury versus true neoplastic origin have been suggested.

Methods: We report a case of laryngeal pseudotumour in a 73-year-old man presenting with hoarseness and slowly progressive dyspnea and a short review of the English language literature on the subject.

Results: Management consisted of midline vertical thyrotomy, excision of the tumour, and a temporary tracheotomy. No recurrence observed eight months postoperatively.

Conclusions: Laryngeal IPT is extremely rare, and it may easily be misinterpreted as a malignant tumour. Conservative excision and anti-inflammatory therapy are advocated, since its general behaviour is benign.

Keywords: inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour, plasma cell granuloma, inflammatory pseudotumour, laryngeal neoplasms