Health-related quality of life, psychological issues and concerns among sarcoma survivors: a mixed method study

22 Jan 2024
Arti Suhag, Kamlesh Kumari Sharma, Surya Kant Tiwari, Poonam Joshi, Sameer Rastogi, Simran Kaur

Purpose: We aimed to explore the health-related quality of life (HRQoL), psychological issues and concerns among sarcoma survivors in India and assess their satisfaction with nursing care.

Methods: This study employed a sequential mixed-methods design, enrolling 100 sarcoma survivors from July to December 2021, with data collected using standardised questionnaires for HRQoL, depression, anxiety, stress, cognitive impairment and self-structured satisfaction with nursing care. Qualitative data were gathered through focused group discussions.

Results: The mean global health score among sarcoma survivors was 79.48 ± 16.26. A significant number of survivors had symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression (30%), severe anxiety (12%), stress (16%) and mild cognitive impairment (5%). Significant mean rank differences were observed between anxiety and financial difficulty (p < 0.05), emotional functioning (p < 0.001), cognitive functioning (p < 0.001), pain (<0.05), insomnia (p < 0.001), fatigue (p < 0.001), anorexia (p < 0.05) and nausea/vomiting (p < 0.001). Educational qualification had a significant association with depression and anxiety while family history of cancer emerged as a significant factor associated with anxiety and stress among survivors. Qualitative analysis revealed themes related to body image, societal discrimination, socio-economic impact, marriage concerns and fertility issues. Survivor satisfaction with nursing care was good.

Conclusion: A substantial number of sarcoma survivors had an average HRQoL and experienced depression, anxiety and stress. Our study emphasizes the importance of holistic survivorship care, involving nurses in post-treatment support, and addressing societal discrimination and psychosocial concerns to enhance their quality of life.

Implications for cancer survivors: Our study calls for a holistic approach to sarcoma survivor care and emphasizes the importance of personalised survivorship care plans led by nurses to address the diverse needs of sarcoma survivors in India. Such plans should encompass strategies for managing depression, anxiety and stress, along with addressing body image concerns and social support.

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