Case Report

Oral malignant melanoma of the lower jaw—a case report with immunohistochemical investigations

15 Jun 2023
Sandhya Tamgadge, Treville Pereira, Amit Date, Priyadarshini Kalimuthu, Avinash Tamgadge

Oral mucosal melanoma is a type of pigment-producing cell malignancy that primarily affects the skin and oral mucosa, but can also affect the ears, eyes, gastrointestinal tract and vaginal mucosa. Oral mucosal melanoma has several different clinical manifestations. Even though it frequently manifests as a black-brown patch, macule, or nodular lesion with varying tones of red, purple or depigmented tissue, the clinical characteristics and pathobiological behaviour of oral mucosal melanomas differ from those of cutaneous melanomas. The prognosis for oral melanomas is exceedingly bad because they frequently exhibit no symptoms, which may delay diagnosis. The case of a 65-year-old male patient with a primary complaint of blackened gums in the right lower back region of the jaw is presented here.

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