Choosing Wisely Philippines: ten low-value or harmful practices that should be avoided in cancer care

7 Jul 2022
Frederic Ivan Ting, Crizel Denise Uy, Katrina Gaelic Bebero, Danielle Benedict Sacdalan, Honey Sarita Abarquez, Grace Nilo, Buenaventura Ramos Jr, Dennis L Sacdalan, Arnold John Uson

The Choosing Wisely Philippines campaign is an initiative that identifies low-value or potentially harmful practices that are relevant to patients with cancer in the Philippines. The main purpose of these initiatives is to facilitate quality improvement systems and maximise patient outcomes. Of the ten practices identified, four are new recommendations, and six are modified adaptations from previous Choosing Wisely initiatives in the USA and Africa. Recommendations in the final list include interventions involving diagnosis (two practices), treatment (five practices), palliative and supportive care (two practices) and surveillance (1 practice).

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