Long-term outcomes and complications in cancer patients who have recovered from COVID-19

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Published: 17 Sep 2021
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Dr David Pinato - Imperial College London, London, UK

Dr David Pinato speaks to ecancer in an online interview for the virtual ESMO 2021 meeting about the prevalence and impact of COVID-19 sequelae on treatment pathways and survival of cancer patients who recovered from SARC-CoV-2 infection.

He explains that they examined long-term clinical outcomes of patients registered to OnCovid and who were reassessed post COVID-19 recovery. He describes some of the complications they are seeing develop and talks about how they might factor into cancer management both for the patient and the oncologist. He gives some examples of how these challenges are being overcome in some cases and he offers his own advice for managing long-term symptoms alongside cancer treatment.

Dr Pinato explains the significance of these findings so far and discusses what needs further investigation going forward. He emphasises the importance of encouraging vaccination and closes by thanking those who made the study possible despite the difficult circumstances highlighting the need for continued collaboration on this type of research.

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