Culture, Community and Communication in Advanced Disease in India

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Published: 26 Aug 2021
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Dr Dwai Banerjee - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA

Dr Dwai Banerjee talks to ecancer about his presentation on culture, community and communication in advanced disease in India.

He begins by explaining what inspired his research, going on to say that a large part of the problem in India in regards to cancer care is pain management rather than treatment, as most patients present symptoms in the late stages of the disease.

Dr Banerjee then goes on to talk about possible approaches; one example being the ability to provide a network of care through neighbours. Essentially training lay-people in basic pain management. All the while trying to bring pain management into the primary care system as much as possible.

He concludes by explaining that if the Indian government were more involved with nationwide cancer care, local outreach would be far less limited. He also compares it to the Canadian government's approach to healthcare with a history of physician-pioneered interventions and community participation.