Stigma about palliative care

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Published: 16 Jul 2021
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Prof Camilla Zimmerman - University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Prof Camilla Zimmermann speaks to ecancer about the stigma regarding palliative care, following her presentation on the same topic at the Palliative Care, Culture and the Clinic symposium.

Prof Zimmermann starts by discussing the definition of palliative care versus how most people perceive it. She stresses that it is not just about end of life care, but also improving quality of life alongside treatments that may be aimed at prolonging life.

She elaborates on some of her own work in this area, highlighting the importance of better education about palliative care and early referrals for patients who could benefit from it.

Prof Zimmermann concludes that is important to remember that palliative care can be very hopeful for the patients and caregivers who receive it.