PIPSeN trial: Olaparib maintenance vs placebo in platinum-sensitive non-small cell lung cancer

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Published: 4 May 2021
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Dr Sophie Postel-Vinay - Gustave Roussey Cancer Center, Paris, France

Dr Sophie Postel-Vinay speaks to ecancer about the PIPSeN trial. Initially, she explains the background of this trial.

PIPSeN is a randomised, double-blind phase II study that evaluated the PARPi olaparib as maintenance treatment in patients with platinum-sensitive advanced NSCLC.

Dr Postel-Vinay then discusses the methodology and key results of this trial. PIPSeN was terminated early with only 50% of the pre-planned patient population available for analysis, thus being statistically underpowered.

She concludes that although well-tolerated, olaparib maintenance did not improve median PFS nor median OS in this sample of patients with platinum-sensitive NSCLC.

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