Sequencing endocrine treatment in metastatic luminal breast cancer and alpelisib for treatment of metastatic BC

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Published: 24 Feb 2021
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Prof Hope Rugo - University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, USA

Dr Hope Rugo speaks to ecancer about her talks at BGICC 2021. She says that this year she talked about sequencing endocrine treatment in metastatic luminal breast cancer. She also talks about the use of alpelisib in treatment of metastatic breast cancer.

In this talk, she reviews luminal breast cancer and what is seen in terms of intrinsic sub typing in metastatic breast cancer by comparing early stage diseases. She also says that to date we don’t have any predictive biomarkers to test this disease.

She then moves on to explain some studies like the MONALISA study which reviewed different drug combinations and their efficacies.

Dr Rugo mentions the data from several other studies and highlights what it means for the patient in terms of clinical outcomes. In the end, she talks about alpelisib and its use in treating metastatic breast cancer.