The importance of Romanian oncology congress 2020

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Published: 19 Jan 2021
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Dr Dana Stanculeanu Stănculeanu - Institute of Oncology Bucharest, Romania

"Dr Dana Stanculeanu Stănculeanu speaks to ecancer about Romania’s national congress of oncology and her experience of it. She says this congress was special because they had this congress after several years.

It bought all of the oncological society together and gave a united front.

She also says that it is important for young oncologists to be passionate and she tries her best to inspire them to know their goals better and it is good to involve them more in the congress because they are the future of oncology in Romania

. In the end, she talks about the future of oncological research in Romania and why it is important for young people to go into translational research.

She says she hopes next year they can have a better conference which is face to face and not virtual.