Using AI to examine muscle mass in brain tumour patients

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Published: 19 Nov 2020
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Dr Matthew Williams - Imperial College London, London, UK

Dr Matthew Williams speaks to ecancer about using "AI" to look at muscle mass in brain tumour patients; a study that was presented at this year’s NCRI virtual conference.

In this interview, he first speaks of the rationale behind using AI to predict muscle mass around the brain region of the patient and why it can be useful to have this knowledge. Dr Williams says that normally CT scans and DEXA scans are used for evaluating muscle mass in other regions of the body but it is hard to evaluate muscle mass of the head, this is why a quick and efficient method of measuring muscle mass is required. He then explains the workings of this AI and what key results were observed in this study. Lastly, he highlights the impact that this technology can have on the treatment of patients with brain tumours. He says calculating muscles mass can predict survival of the patient and knowing the muscle mass can help doctors decide how to further improve the muscle mass of the patient to increase survival.

Dr Williams finishes it off by predicting what the future of cancer treatment for these patients looks like.