EBCC-12 during COVID-19

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Published: 16 Oct 2020
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Prof Etienne Brain - EORTC Breast cancer group chair

Prof Etienne Brain speaks to ecancer about the EBCC-12 virtual conference this year and why EBCC is important in terms of multi-disciplinary research.

He talks about the challenges to screening and treating breast cancer due to the COVID-19 situation and points out how oncologists across the globe had to be careful in treating these patients; especially the older more frail patients.

He then highlights how cancer research was impacted due to the pandemic in different ways.

Finally, Prof Brain explains some of the stand out sessions from the EBCC-12 conference and points out why people should attend EBCC.

He says EBCC is different from other conferences because it concentrates specifically on breast cancer and the different treatment modalities for this cancer.

He winds it up by sharing his hopes for the future conferences and what improvements can be made.