The perspectives of multi-disciplinary team on thoracic surgery

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Published: 12 Oct 2020
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Dr Bogdan Tanase and Dr Alin Burlacu - Institute of Oncology 'Prof Dr Alexandru Trestioreanu' Bucharest, Romania

In this interview Dr Bogdan Tanase and Dr Alin Burlacu discuss with Dr Cristina Stefan about the prespectives of multidisciplinary team at the Institute of Cancer Oncology conference in Bucharest.

Dr Tanase first, explains what minimal invasive thoracic surgery is and how it impacted the operative field of open thoracic surgery.

Dr Barlacu then highlights the importance of this surgical strategy on patients.

The dialogue further moves forward towards an analysis on how changes in surgical treatments are received throughout Europe, specifically in Eastern Europe.

In the end, both the surgeons discuss how minimal invasive surgery can impact the future of oncology in Romania and how further improvements can be made in surgery to give a better prognosis and quality of life to the patients in Eastern Europe.