MINDACT: 70-gene signature test as guidance for breast cancer treatment

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Published: 1 Oct 2020
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Josephine Lopes Cardozo - Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Josephine Lopez Cardozo speaks to ecancer about screen-detected breast cancers and how they have a different tumour biology and better prognosis compared to interval breast cancers, the results from this paper were presented at EBCC-12.

She initially explains the purpose of the MINDACT randomised phase III trial and how it was used to detect tumour biology of the screened patients. She then highlights the role 70-gene signature plays in detection and prognosis for certain women with breast cancer.

Cardozo further explains what screen-detected and interval cancers are and tells how the overall survival in both these groups varies in comparison to each other. She concludes with speaking of the key results from this trial and how they can impact future breast cancer treatment and prognosis.