COVID-19 and impact on gynecologic oncology practice in India: Results of a nationwide survey

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Published: 3 Jul 2020
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Dr Anupama Rajanbabu - Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India

Dr Anupama Rajanbabu speaks to ecancer her new ecancermedicalscience article titled: 'COVID 19 and Impact on Gynecologic Oncology Practice in India – Results of a Nationwide Survey.'

She briefly describes how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected India and states that hospital visits were rapidly declining across the country.

Dr Rajanbabu also explains the decision to carry out a nationwide survey, along with her colleagues to assess the impact the pandemic on gynecologic oncology practice.

Dr Rajanbabu highlights the importance of this paper, which found that although the number of hospital visits and cancer surgeries declined, the cancer incidence remained unchanged.

These results will help healthcare providers in India prepare for the potential influx of patients who wish to seek treatment for their gynecologic cancers, along with COVID-19-related conditions.

Read the full ecancermedicalscience article here.