Highlights from ASCO 2020

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Published: 5 Jun 2020
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Dr Bishal Gyawali - Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Assistant Prof Bishal Gyawali speaks online to ecancer about the highlights of the 2020 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting.

Prof Gyawali opens covering some high profile trials where he discusses two controversies in the the plenary sessions including ADAURA, JAVELIN, and KEYNOTE-177.

He then touches upon a few of the important negative trials, and policy relevant trials, covering breast, prostate, gastric, and hepatocellular cancer. Prof Gyawali looks through the lens of a global oncologist, and whether some of these treatment options are viable on a global scale.

He finalises by talking generally about the ASCO meeting's changes this year, highlighting the huge increase in global oncology trials which can aid practice in LMICs, he briefly covers a few of these.

All opinions expressed in this video are the speakers own and do not reflect that of any institution.