ASCO 2019 and vision for cancer control

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Published: 12 Jul 2019
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Dr Eduardo Cazap, MD, PhD

Dr Eduardo Cazap, Editor-in-Chief of ecancer, summarises his thoughts on the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago.

He briefly covers ASCO's history, its fundamental aims, and how it became internationally recognised as a leading organisation in clinical oncology.

Dr Cazap reviews the meeting in regards to what he refers to as global cancer control, highlighting standout sessions that contribute to this theme.

Dr Cazap explains that he hopes to see more of this worldwide vision from ASCO in the future. He also stresses the need to expand these messages beyond the oncology community to those who may be in more of a position to create changes in policy - changes that, Dr Cazap says, oncologists working in underserved populations already know are needed.

Dr Cazap concludes by saying that while ASCO already makes a fantastic contribution to clinical oncology, in the future he would like to see the development of new strategies to become more proactive in improving cancer care globally.