Oncobox, RNA sequencing and molecular pathway analysis-base system for prescription of target drugs to advanced cancer patients

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Published: 10 Jul 2019
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Dr Anton Buzdin - Sechenov Moscow First Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Dr Anton Buzdin speaks to ecancer at the WIN 2019 Symposium in Paris about the preliminary results generated from a trial using RNA sequencing data, and molecular pathway analysis to recommend targeted drugs for patients based on an oncobox-generated rating.

Following this, Dr Buzdin explains that clinicians had the choice to follow these recommendations or not, before being followed up to assess the clinical responses of these patients.

He also describes the results of this study, in which it was found that RNA-guided therapies were significantly more efficient, compared to standard of care ones.

Dr Buzdin mentions that future trials should focus on the use of transcriptomic and genomic profiling to obtain improved clinical responses when compared to conventional therapies.