IMPACT: Improving Management of Advanced Colorectal Tumours

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Published: 21 May 2019
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Mr Steve Clark, Patient Advocate for Bowel Cancer UK and Expert Patient for ACPGBI

Managing cancer is a complex, arduous task that spans medical specialities and disciplines. As treatment options continue to expand across tumour types, a great deal of time is spent focusing on the practical aspects of cancer management. But what about communication?

Living as a person with stage IV bowel cancer, Steve can attest to the importance of doctor-patient communication in both his personal experience, and the experiences reflected by members of the Bowel Cancer UK forum that he moderates. From the choice of language in appointments to communicating statistical information, there is a tremendous amount clinicians can do to help improve patients’ quality of care simply through a few small changes in communication approaches.

In this 15 minute presentation, Steve discusses real world patient experiences and provides recommendations to optimise communication in your own clinic.