Neurological concerns in multiple myeloma

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Published: 14 May 2019
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Prof Wolfgang Grisold - Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Prof Wolfgang Grisold speaks to ecancer at the 2019 MyKE Myeloma meeting in Barcelona about the relationship between neuropathy and multiple myeloma.

He describes a case study, in which the appearance of neuropathy could be related to the occurrence of MGUS or paraproteinemia. However, other causes of neuropathy, such as diabetes should be excluded.

To investigate this, Prof Grisold recommends that these patients should be assessed by a neurologist and complete a self questionnaire. A 10-gram monofilament test and use of a vibration tuning fork should also be carried out.

He also discusses the different therapy options for patients with different types of myeloma.

Prof Grisold mentions that these patients should be managed in a multi-disciplinary way, especially with the involvement of a neurologist to assess these symptoms.

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