Chemo-immuno combination shows improved PFS when compared with sole chemotherapy treatment in advanced breast cancer

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Published: 14 Dec 2018
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Prof Leisha Emens - Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer, Baltimore, USA

Prof Leisha Emens speaks to ecancer at SABCS 2018 about the IMpassion130 trial comparing a chemotherapy-immunotherapy combination and chemotherapy in patients with untreated metastatic or locally advanced unresectable triple negative breast cancer.

Prof Emens reports that treatment with the chemo-immuno combination of atezolizumab with nab-paclitaxel showed a statistically significant improvement in progression free survival, particularly in the PD-L1 positive group where an improvement of 2.5 months was seen.

She believes these findings to be very important as triple negative breast cancer has previously only been treated with chemotherapy yet now immunotherapy as an addition is showing an overall survival benefit.