How is big data useful, yet challenging?

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Published: 23 Nov 2017
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Prof Antonio Palumbo - Takeda

Prof Antonio Palumbo from Takeda talks to ecancer at the HARMONY 2017 meeting in Berlin. He discusses the challenges surrounding a 'big data' project, and when the benefits of the HARMONY project will be seen.

Harmony is a very exciting plan because it’s for the first time really trying to put together big data and big data shows both from diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, especially in rare diseases.

What are the challenges and what have you learnt so far?

The challenges are certainly the ability to have good quality data coming from several and many institutions to create a big dataset that has the quality required to really deliver important information.

When will we see the real benefits of big data?

We might see the benefit in the next few years but certainly in the future more and more big data will be the way to do research and innovation.

Do you think Harmony is leading the way on this?

Absolutely, yes. This project has been the first but even probably the more important because it’s driving the way for the future to create those big datasets.