The HARMONY project comes together

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Published: 8 Nov 2017
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Carin Smand - European Haematology Association (EHA)

Carin Smand of the European Haematology Association (EHA) talks to ecancer at the HARMONY 2017 meeting in Berlin. She discusses the progress of the project and how to get involved. 

All the parties in HARMONY are now working in the project for the first year, so we are approaching the end of the first year. That means that everybody more or less needed to get organised on what they exactly want to do, need to do etc. But now we are approaching the first year, the end of the first year, and with this general assembly you see that things come together. You see more exchange of information and more collaboration between the work packages and that is exactly what is needed in order to do the next four years of the project. So I think this is very exciting to see this happening at this general assembly in Berlin.

There are many people here today, you must be excited about what they can achieve?

That’s indeed correct but still the actual group is even bigger because not everybody is able to be here today. But the majority is here, it’s a good mixture of public and private partners in the project which is important because that balance, they have to work together so a good balance in meetings is also important. Yes, it is a large group but we hope that in the future the group will even be larger because we are still looking for more associate partners, more people who would like to get involved and to find new ways to apply new treatments earlier in haematology with a different approach if we look at market access and drug approval through the use of big data instead of clinical trials, prove something in another clinical trial etc.

How can organisations get involved?

Google HARMONY Alliance and you find the website and there you find the contact details of the project management bureau, located in Spain, or you can contact the Communication Manager of HARMONY who is working at EHA.