Changing the standard of care: Metastatic prostate cancer

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Published: 21 Jul 2017
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Dr Gelenis Domingo - Memorial Cancer Institute, Miami, Florida, USA

Dr Domingo speaks with ecancer at the Best of ASCO meeting in Miami, to discuss Memorial Cancer Institute's approach to treating prostate cancer.

She discusses the recent findings that are changing standard of care with metastatic prostate cancer that is sensitive to androgen blockade.

With Memorial we treat patients with different types of cancer. One of the more common types of cancer that we see is patients with prostate cancer. For prostate cancer we have multiple different types of treatment, they include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. In our field we’re the type of doctors that use mostly medications to treat the patients and when those medications are for prostate cancer we use hormones, we use chemotherapy.

I just want to talk about some of the recent findings that were presented at the most recent national meeting where all the oncologists get together to discuss ground-breaking information in cancer care. This new way of treating patients is changing the standard of care for patients where we’re starting to treat patients upfront who have metastatic prostate cancer that are still sensitive to androgen blockade with not only blocking their androgen but also adding abiraterone. This is great for patients because now this new treatment has shown to increase their survival so patients are living longer compared to the prior standard of care which was just blocking their androgen. So we expect to start applying this new standard of care from now on, moving forward, to treat our patients.