WIN 2017 conference review

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Published: 5 Jul 2017
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Prof Richard Schilsky - Chief Medical Officer of the American Society of Oncology (ASCO)

Prof Schilsky speaks with ecancer at WIN 2017 about conference presentations on immune therapies, personalised therapies and combined agents.

He highlights the impact of algorithmic assessment of trial and treatment data, including the use of IBM Watson Health, and discusses the presentation of Dr Olli Kallioniemi on data integration.

For more on the multiple -omics and data clouds, watch Prof Leroy Hood discuss systems biology here.

Prof Schilsky also notes the financial toxicity associated with many modern therapies, an ongoing concern shared by ecancer blogger Dr Bishal Gyawali.

Prof Schilsky discusses the genomic variations which may act as potential biomarkers, be they germline or somatic mutations, or variations of unknown significance, and calls for open annotation of known or suspected variants.

He also considers the importance of patient advocacy and access, but notes data without context and interpretation is of no use.