CDK4/6 inhibitors for metastatic breast cancer

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Published: 14 Oct 2016
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Dr Giuseppe Curigliano - European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

Dr Curigliano speaks with ecancertv at ESMO 2016 about CDK4/6 inhibitors, which he describes as changing the landscape in metastatic breast cancer.

Quoting results from MONALEESA2, as presented by Dr Gabriel Hortobayi, he weighs up data on adverse events, which had increased slightly from the preceeding PALOMA-2 trial.

With abemaciclib in mind, Dr Curigliano expects a place for CDK4/6 inhibitors in neo-adjuvant therapy, especially for patients with susceptible genotypes.

Abemaciclib was discussed further by Dr Sara Hurvitz with ecancerlearning, with video coming soon.

ecancer hosted a special symposium at ESMO 2016 focussing on CDK 4/6 inhibition which can be viewed here.

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