Clinical epidemiology in the EurocanPlatform project

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Published: 4 Dec 2015
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Prof Hermann Bremmer - German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

Prof Brenner looks at the achievements of the ‘Clinical Epidemiology’ work package of the EurocanPlatform project over the last 5 years. He describes the wide variation in epidemiological information gathered between European cancer centres and how this will stimulate discussion and action in the future.

EurocanPlatform is an EC funded project bringing together 28 European cancer Institutions and organisations to work together in a unique collaboration. The centres are sharing infrastructures and collaborating on projects to help advance cancer research and treatment.

He looks at the benefits of collaborating with other institutions as part of the project, the complications and challenges encountered and what the wider benefits of this work could be.

Watch this video on the highlights of the project.