Quality assessment, accreditation and metrics in the EurocanPlatform project

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Published: 4 Dec 2015
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Dr Wim van Harten - Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr van Harten explains the work of the Excellence Designation System carried out as part of the EurocanPlatform project work package dealing with the ‘Quality assessment, accreditation and metrics’ of European Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs), which are institutions in which care and prevention is integrated with research and education.

EurocanPlatform is an EC funded project bringing together 28 European cancer Institutions and organisations to work together in a unique collaboration. The centres are sharing infrastructures and collaborating on projects to help advance cancer research and treatment.

He looks at the criteria used in this system, the methods used to develop it and the challenges involved in dealing with large numbers of stakeholders.

Watch this video on the highlights of the project.