NCRI 2015 highlights

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Published: 13 Nov 2015
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Prof Charles Swanton - Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute, London, UK

Prof Swanton talks to ecancertv at NCRI 2015 about what he regards as the highlights of the conference.

In particular, he comments on the work being done to improve targeted approaches and find better drug combinations. It is important, he says, to predict resistance mechanisms and block them to improve progression-free survival (PFS) outcomes. We need to battle the evolution of cancer and grasp it head on, he says.

He notes the important work looking at the problem of late diagnosis, arguing that investing in early diagnosis measures (such as earlier referral by GPs following 'red flag' symptoms) is an "extremely cost-effective approach" when compared with the amount of money required for palliative care.

He also touches upon other developments being made in CAR T-cells and immune checkpoint blockades.