Importance of a global health picture and a new form of capacity building for developing countries

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Published: 1 Apr 2014
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Prof Peter Boyle - International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, France

Prof Peter Boyle talks to ecancertv at the 9th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC) about a new capacity-building initiative at Strathclyde University, UK.

To help counteract disparities in healthcare provision worldwide, Prof Boyle argues for the practical transfer of skills between institutions in developed countries and developing countries. The idea has materialized in the form of a two-year Masters course whereby citizens of developing countries will be given the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of public health improvement, as well as English where needed. 

Boyle stresses the importance of education, research, and implementation, noting that the transfer initiative will be ongoing and may expand to include North American universities in the scheme.