mCRPC: Challenges and opportunities in a booming area

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Published: 10 Jan 2014
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Dr Nicolas Mottet - University Hospital, Saint-√Čtienne, France

The landscape of mCRPC is rapidly evolving and many new treatment modalities are now available, both in post- and pre-docetaxel setting. 

Nicolas Mottet – chair of EAU guidelines on prostate cancer - will discuss the challenges and opportunities of such an armamentarium in mCRPC.

Beside clear benefits in prolonging survival and improving quality of life, these new drugs represent an important increase in healthcare expenditure. Not all the patients respond to a given drug. It is important to give the right drug to the right patient, according to the right sequence, to optimise patient outcomes.
EAU 2014 recommendations will be presented.


Content taken from a Sanofi sponsored satellite symposium at ESMO 2013 as part of the official programme.