Comparing toxicity profiles for 72 hour infusional and conventional bleomycin in testicular cancer

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Published: 15 Nov 2013
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Dr Jonathan Shamash - Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK

Dr Shamash talks to ecancertv at the UK's National Cancer Research Institute ( NCRI ) 2013 meeting about a randomised trial of 72 hour infusional bleomycin in BEP (cisplatin, etoposide  and bleomycin) versus conventional weekly bleomycin in patients with metastatic tesicular cancer; sepcifically IGCCCG good prognosis disease.

The trial came up negative for a decrease in toxicity in the new treatment arm, but the data had some interesting implications such as unless theres a very good reason, all plateints should be ofered bleomycin in the original therapy, though treatment should be stopped early if lung damage starts to appear on CT scans in the first 3 weeks.

A dry cough was also found to be a warning to stop the treatment and CT scan early.