Treatment decision making, screening and palliative care

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Published: 13 Nov 2013
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Dr Jane Seymour - Nottingham University, UK

Dr Jane Seymour gives a comment to ecancertv at the UK's National Cancer Research Institute ( NCRI ) 2013 meeting on a session which she chaired looking at the latest in treatment decision making for oncologists and patients, screening, and palliative care. 

The session included:

- Modafinil for fatigue in lung cancer: multicentre, randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial: effect, dose response and patient satisfaction

- Results from the UNBIASED study (UK – Netherlands – Belgium International SEDation study) : reported practices of physicians and nurses in three European countries

- An all-Ireland population-based study of past and current physical and psychological side-effects following prostate cancer treatments

- Reduction in interval cancer rates following the introduction of two-view mammography in the UK breast screening programme

- Clinical implications of a prostate cancer risk SNP profile in 2 treatment cohorts

- Over or under treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis of factors determining change of management in active surveillance for localised prostate cancer

- Obesity and the outcome of young breast cancer patients in the UK: The POSH study