Trametinib and dabrafenib combination therapy against metastatic melanoma

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Published: 8 Oct 2012
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Dr Georgina Long – Westmead Hospital, The University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Georgina Long talks with ecancer at the 2012 ESMO meeting about a highly successful phase II trial that tested a BRAF and MEK inhibitor combination therapy against metastatic melanoma.


The majority of patients quickly develop resistance to BRAF inhibitors so combination therapy was introduced to improve response and progression free survival.


Results from the study showed 61 percent of patients, in the combination arm, to have reduction in risk, resistance and death, with prolonged response averaging 9.4 months.


The most significant statistic from the study was an increase from 33 percent of patients reaching the 12-month survival mark two years ago to 79 percent of patients reaching that mark today. Side effects from the treatment, such as manageable toxicities, are explained through the biology of the treatment. 


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