Hodgkin Lymphoma focusing on reducing radiotherapy, while maintaining the highest possible cure rate

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Published: 13 Jun 2012
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Prof Andreas Engert - University Hospital of Cologne, Germany

Prof Engert talks at a press conference at the 17th Congress of the European Haematology Association in Amsterdam.

He presented data from the GHSG HD15 trial on reduction of chemotherapy and PET-guided radiotherapy in advanced-stage Hodgkin lymphoma.

Using the multi-agent chemotherapy regimen BEACOPP the GHSG demonstrated significantly better tumour control and overall survival compared to previously used regimens.

In addition, the need for radiotherapy in patients with advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma has been unclear.

They thus conducted a prospectively randomised clinical trial comparing the standard of care (8 x BEACOPPescalated) with two reduced-intensity chemotherapy variants.

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